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Lithium Iron Phosphate Storage Systems


Lithium Iron Phosphate Storage Systems Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) is one of the most interesting and promising cathode materials for lithium accumulation systems of energy. Thanks to a close and well-established cooperation with Lithops, a company that develops and implements highly innovative and technological processes for the chemical synthesis of the active material and the

Operational sectors and industries


Operational sectors and industries The company has a tecnical and operative organization which is able to design, plan and realize projects of high complexity in different areas: Industrial Chemical Pharmaceutical Construction Environmental Energy Remediation and for different activities: carbon steel and metallic structures electrical and special installations electro-instrumental installations power electric and automation control boards

Maintenance and Facility management


Maintenance and Facility management Maintenance organisation Efficient management of industrial plant maintenance allows for the availability of the production establishments, guaranteeing better economic performance. In this context, SOIMAR Group offers services in the area of maintenance engineering of organisational consultation up to the total management of all the activities and internal services of an establishment.

Electrical and instrumental works


Electrical and instrumental works The electro-instrumental division of SOIMAR group features a structure of integration which operates mostly in the field of industrial automation. Our mission is to supply a package of services and works of high specialist content, seeking to combine quality and convenience with maximum trustworthiness. Given the interdisciplinary aspect of our activity,

Carpentry and metal structures


Carpentry and metal structures SOIMAR group handles the construction and mounting of metal frameworks, of small and large dimensions, based on the client’s needs. Industrial framework SOIMAR can claim long experience in the sector of small, medium and heavy framework. Our production is developed in the design, creation and setting into operation industrial construction made



Demolizioni Soimar ha acquisito una consolidata esperienza nel settore delle demolizioni speciali. Tutte le attività, caratterizzate dall’elevata professionalità degli operatori, sono svolte nel rispetto rigoroso delle norme ambientali e di sicurezza. Le esigenze di mercato hanno indotto la Società a diversificare le proprie attività specializzandosi anche nel settore delle bonifiche di insediamenti industriali. Demolizioni speciali: