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Photovoltaic Solar Energy Soimar Energy handles the management of all activities related to the installation of a photovolt Calculations of and energetics yield authorization requests GSE practice Applications for financing Evaluation of integration Asbestos disposal practices Soimar Energy, on the basis of energetics considerations, of the installation places and of guidance systems, offers systems and installations



Energy ENGINEERING Energetics optimisation Energetics optimisation Feasibility studies Requests for authorization Basic and detail engineering EPCM Solutions   INSTALLATIONS Shipbuilding Turnkey installations Maintenance Facility Management   FINANCE Business Plan   ENVIRONMENT Alternative Energy ISO 14000 Certifications Environmental impact assessments



Criogenic In the chemical and chemical-pharmaceutical synthesis sector, streams characterised by small-scale (100 to 1,000 Nm3/h) with high concentrations of VOCs can be treated by condensation at very low temperatures. The main advantages of the cryogenic systems are: Competitiveness of the investment cost for installations between 100 and 1,000 Nm3/h Low costs of operation and



Denox The abatement of nitrogen oxides (Denox systems) is effected by the injection of urea on a specific catalyst structured on a titanium base. Soimar Environmental develops and applies Denox Systems particularly in cogeneration and trigeneration, whether of gas or vegetal oils. SCR technology (Selective Catalytic Reduction) consists in promoting the reaction of nitrogen oxides



RTO The regenerative systems take advantage of a mass of inert material (porcelain, cordite) to accumulate and yield energy cyclically in the form of heat. The efficiency of thermal recovery can reach 96%, dramatically reducing the cost of management of the installation. Soimar Environmental inserts its own purification process into the productive process of the



Scrubber Soimar Environmental makes adsorption installations, i.e., plants in which the substance to be removed is selectively fixed by the gassy stream on suitable adsorbent material: zeolite activated carbon impregnated activated carbon silica gel (dehumidification). In the first case, large flows of polluted air with low concentrations of VOCs are adsorbed on a zeolite wheel



Filters Soimar Environmental makes dry dedusting plants in both light and medium heavy execution. In the company perspective of realising a complete and turnkey service, supply is widened to include suction systems, the production of cubicles and caps, flow connecting networks and to flow abatement units. In particular, in the chemical/pharmaceutical industry dedusting, self-cleaning cartridge



Environmental Soimar Group applies its more than ten-year’s experience, its project management procedures, its plant engineering know-how and engineering expertise to the development of activities related to environmental issues. SOIMAR ENVIRONMENTAL has been created as a new company that develops its activity in the air treatment, in water purification and solid waste management. A new name that