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Basic and detailed engineering

SOIMAR Group boasts many years of experience in supplying Basic Engineering Packaging (BEP) and Detailed Engineering Packaging (DEP)

A Basic Engineering Package has to contain the minimum information:

  • Project Design Basis and Process Description
  • Process and Utility Flow Diagrams
  • Equipment List and Equipment Process Data Sheets
  • Catalyst, Chemicals and Effluent Plant Data
  • Hazard Study Data and Area Classification Diagram
  • Piping and Instrument Diagrams (P&Id)
  • Process Instrumentation Philosophy and Logic Diagram
  • Plant Layout and Battery Limit Schedule
  • Preliminary Process Operating Manual

The activity of Detailed Engineering include:

  • Layout planning and detailed coordination/clarification of details
  • Inventory taking on site
  • Design of pipe layout and instrumentation
  • Arrangement of components
  • Calculation of material requirements and technical specifications
  • Definition of interfaces
  • Configuration and dimensioning of instrumentation and control equipment
  • Technical description of the processes
  • Quality assurance and quality control
  • Monitoring of time schedules
  • Cost control
  • Supervision of construction and installation work
  • Commissioning of plant components
  • Supervision of commissioning
  • Technical support for production
  • Process optimization
  • Documentation
  • Use of computer aided engineering (CAE) tool

Our skill and experience have been acquired over many years of activity in the field of process technology, of collaborative projects and work always in close contact with our clients to develop their processes.