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Carpentry and metal structures

SOIMAR group handles the construction and mounting of metal frameworks, of small and large dimensions, based on the client’s needs.

Industrial framework

SOIMAR can claim long experience in the sector of small, medium and heavy framework. Our production is developed in the design, creation and setting into operation industrial construction made to order, from stainless steel and painted or hot zinc coated carbon steel, according to the type of product and its end use.

Bridges and large works

SOIMAR specialises in the design, construction and putting into operation scaffolding and large works in metal. Thanks to our technical staff, we design scaffolding with different shapes and structures, which change according to the use for which they are destined. We also handle the transport, the setting in place and putting into operation these same, using the special equipment which we have.


Over the years, SOIMAR has developed a knowledge of the construction of metal floodgates. We handle the design, which comes from analysing the client’s demands and the features of the place where it will be installed, the construction in our shops and the installation at the pre-established location. Subsequently, we also supply maintenance services for these same.

Framework for photovoltaic plants

SOIMAR, together with its own structure for manufacturing photovoltaic systems, has a team dedicated to the design and manufacture of support structures for established photovoltaic systems or those yet to come. The capacity is to be the main contractor or operative company in the sector of assembly for third parties.