The cogeneration and tri-generation systems now represent energetics systems with the highest yield. The energy developed by:

  • Traditional fuels
  • Vegetable oils
  • Biomass
  • Residues and work waste products

It is translated into electrical energy through the use of internal combustion systems and alternators.

The recovery of thermal waste for the production of heating fluids (and cooling in tri-generation systems) leads to management and productivity savings. The thermal waste can then, in turn, be recovered by turbine systems in cases in which the production of electricity is to be maximized.

SOIMAR Energy designs and installs its own systems for customers, but also intervenes as an interlocutor (ESCo) that, with installations of its own management, supplies energy at lower cost and contributes to reducing emission of greenhouse gases. The SOIMAR Energy installations feature simplicity, the integrative character and non-invasiveness, particularly when compared with the usual technical interventions in this sector. The SOIMAR Energy cogeneration systems do not eliminate need of existing supplies, but supplement them in a measure that is optimised in each case.