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Laminar Air Flow ISO7. Stainless Steel ISO 7. Laminar Air Flow Downcross for Pharmaceutical Application

Laminar Air Flow ISO7

Stainless Steel ISO 7 Laminar Air Flow Downcross for Pharmaceutical Application

ISO 8 Clean Rooms

900 sqm clean environment for centrifugation and drying department. Pharma walls in HPL laminates – pharma doors and profiles. HVAC systems with once through air. ATEX certification. BARIT pharma terrazzo is the adopted solution for the technical flooring.

API Eyedrops Production Plant

ISO 7 clean room 300 sqm plant. Pharma gipsy panels lined with antistatic PVC. HVAC system wih temperature and Umidity control. Sintesys reactor units in Glass Borosilicate 3.3. Filtration nutcha filters, tray dryers. Piping for services and Electro Instrumental work.


Polypropilene scrubbing towers for air purification.

Scrubber Column 60.000 mc/h ATEX

Stainless steel AISI316L scrubber unit for exaust vent washing. Streams contains hydrogen and plant in ATEX certified. Turnkey solution with vessels, equipment, carpentries, foundation, piling, control system.

Cogeneration Plant 4 MW

Cogeneration plant for a electric power of 4 MWe and prodution of 16 barg Steam for 14 ton/h.

Clean Steam Production and distribution

Double stage Clean Steam production for Pharma Industry. Distribution piping in Pharma tubes AISI316 mirror polished.

Iron Oxyde Pigments Production Plant

Turnkey Execution of a Multiple Reaction unit of 500 mc in Stainless Steel 316L. Recovery and Finishing Plant for Filtration, Drying, Calcination, Milling and Packing of the final product.

Inorganic Colorants Production Plant

Tunkey execution of a Production Plant for Dosing, Mixing, Milling, Mixing, Pneumatic Conveying, Blending, Packing of Fine Colourants Powdered Compounds. Realization include Civil work, Piling, Foundations, Carpentries, Piping, Equipments, Wiring, PLC conrol system, Electric and Power connections Commissioning and Start up.

Regerative Thermo Oxydizer

35.000 mc/h of a RTO ceramic air treatment plant. Supply included also air ducts, heat recovery system, control system, remote control.

Biogas Production and Cogeneration 999 kWhe

Turnkey Biogas production plant composed of 4 fermenters for a total volume of 19.000 mc. Cogeneration plant for a total power of 999 kWhe plus heat recovery system.

Cogeneration plant 1 mW

CH4 cogeneration plant 1 MWhe with insonorization box, cooling tower, torch, control cabinet, power center, 15.000 V transformer. All system is in Skid mounted unit.

Nr 12 ATEX skid mounted unit for heating and cooling

Nr. 12 package units ATEX certified for zone 1 for heating and cooling of equipment. Capacity is 90.000 kW each and the sope of supply was to have very simple battery limit for easy connection and installation.

Gas Station

Pressure stabilization for Natural Gas with filtration, dehumidification and safety devices.

Centrifugation and drying department

The plant is composed by three indipendend lines of production for API ingredients. ISO 8 air classification and zero class (unburnable pharma walls and counterceilings) are the main highligths of the plant. The installation has been completed by fire protection systems.

API production plant

Pipe rack and piping for services and process for a new production facility dedicated to the production of API components. Carpentry in is Galvanized steel and piping in AISI 316L.

Scrubber unit for gold production

Scrubber is divided in two sections, one acid and one basic in application to effluent coming from NaCN production in the process of gold refining. Capacity is 7000 mc/h.


Quality Control laboratories. Total surface of 600 sqm. Supply includes techinical fornitures, hoods, piping, electrical wiring, HVAC, radiating counterceiling.

Purified water production distribution and storage

400.000 litres storage in AISI304. Reverse Osmosys skid unit with capacity 100 mc/h for water production at 5 msiemens conductivity. Distribution piping in 4 inches AISI304 stainless steel.

3.000 sqm recovery heat exchanger

AISI 316 Heat exchanger AIR-AIR for heat recovery from a dryer. Heat exchange is finalized to preheat inlet fresh air.


Filtration Unit ATEX 400 sqm

AISI 304 Bag Filter 400 sqm with reverse pulse jet cleaning. Atex certification CE EX II 3GD T4. Filter is used for inorganic powder recovery from a spin flash dryer.

Purified water production distribution and storage

Double stage reverse osmosys with a maximum rate of 5 mc/h. Storage in sanitary Vessel with a capacity of 20.000 litres. Distribution loop with 30 working points in ATEX area and a total lenght of 1.400 mt.

Centrifugation department

Multiproduct centrifugation department with nr. 2 Horizontal Axes Centrifuges from KMPT. The first antiacid in Hastelloy C22 and the second in AISI316L. The installation was following the turn key formula with all engineering, mechanical, civil and electroinstrumental activities included in the scope of supply.

Inorganic Chemical compounds Sinthesys Plant

Turn Key execution for the realization of a plant for the sinthesys and recovery of an inorganic chemical compound. Plant is composed by 1.000 mc reaction units and section for recovery composed by rotary vacuum filters, spin flash dryer, mills, filters, packing machines. Execution included mechanical eletrical instrumental civil HVAC works.