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Thermodinamic and fluidic process engeneering

With many years’ experience behind it, SOIMAR’s technical staff meets its clients in the supply of technical assistance and consultation of specific chemical processes. Following are the most significant: oxidation, reduction, chlorination, hydrogenation, esterification, hydrolysis, nitro-derivatives, acids, chlorides and nitriles, fluoride derivatives, phenol-derivatives, aromatic aldehydes, crystallization, extraction by solvent, distillation, straightening, desiccation, filtering, grinding, conditioning, treatment and concentration of hydrochloric acid, purification of chlorinated solvents, refluent water treatment, emission control and monitoring plans, diffusion assessment and infiltration of polluting agents into the ground, abatement plants, combustion of waste, chlorine, soda, separation of aromatics (BTX), desulfurization of diesel fuel and kerosene.

  • Simulations of continuous processes
  • Simulations of batch processes
  • Stress Analysis
  • Simulations of thermal exchange processes
  • Simulations of vacuum processes