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Insulator and glove boxes

SOIMAR is a leader in the design and manufacture of isolators and glove boxes, standard and special designated for the pharmaceutical and electronics sectors.

The SOIMAR isolators are designed for the pharmaceutical and electronics industries in response to the growing need to be able to manipulate and synthesize active ingredients of high activity (High Potency) in segregated and controlled zones, whether in air or in nitrogen atmospheres (i.e. ATEX certified) in order to ensure the safety of operational personnel and the non-contamination of the product.

Our insulators find natural applications in research and development laboratories, in synthesis plants and in quality control laboratories. They are designed and manufactured in different solutions in order to be increasingly geared to the specific needs of the customer, so that we are able to build machines in different forms to work in single chambers or several linked together.
The ergonomics of the isolators is at the centre of the study, linking the various mock-up prototype projects for the purpose of verifying their operational functionality.

The range of glove boxes includes:

  • Isolators for handling solvents (ATEX compliance)
  • Isolators for cytotoxic substances
  • Isolators for samplings
  • Isolators with ISO classification
  • Buffering valves
  • Inerting systems
  • Instrumentation of control and regulation Isolators – custom sized for specific applications