The first and most important thing in the realization of a laboratory is the design: SOIMAR with its own experience is able to manage the issue of preliminary lay-out at the base of the subsequent engineering of the areas and of the installations at the service of a laboratory and of air treatment, technical gas distribution and electric utilities.

The production follows the specific theme: from the large number of repetitive elements up to the uniqueness of the most complex elements.
In this particular field SOIMAR develops its own research about materials, safety, standardization of design.

For all steps, a crucial role is played by the scrupulous implementation of National and International Standards in order to take care of human and environmental safety.
Thanks to the integration of all its production departments SOIMAR places itself as a leading company in the realization of centers of research, chemical, biological and pharmaceutical laboratories, QA or R&D laboratories with the turnkey formula.

A single partner for the development of the project, for the construction and maintenance management.