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Maintenance and Facility management

Maintenance organisation

Efficient management of industrial plant maintenance allows for the availability of the production establishments, guaranteeing better economic performance. In this context, SOIMAR Group offers services in the area of maintenance engineering of organisational consultation up to the total management of all the activities and internal services of an establishment. The zones of operation are:

  • Organising and planning of industrial maintenance
  • Organisational structure and work processes
  • Reliability analyses
  • Techniques of plant analysis: RCM, RAM, etc.
  • Preventative maintenance plans
  • Service monitoring: KPI
  • Implementation of CMMS software applications
  • Definition and implementation of predictive maintenance

Predictive maintenance and plant diagnostics

Using the most modern technology and predictive methodologies, SOIMAR supplies monitoring and plant diagnostics services and supports its clients with specific consultative activities.

  • Vibrations analyses
  • Designing and installing vibrations monitoring systems
  • Thermo-graphics (static and dynamic)
  • Ultrasound analyses (detection of loss, diagnostics, hermetic tests, quality control)
  • Electrical measurement and motor and alternators diagnostics
  • Electrical systems verifications
  • Balancing in service conditions
  • Alignment of rotating machines using laser and optic instruments
  • Activities specific to consultation, troubleshooting, breakdown cause analyses, etc.


Human resources constitute without a doubt the most significant wealth of a company; the specialisation and professional evolution determine the competitive margin of a successful company.
In this context, SOIMAR supplies specialised training services inherent to the maintenance organisation, predictive maintenance and diagnostics of the systems to the employees and managers, even through the use of didactic support.

Facility Management lets a company be supported by a professionalism specifically addressing the design, organisation, management and allocation of “general” services present in it.

Economic advantages for the clients:

  • reliance on consolidated principles of optimisation and efficiency rendering on which the Management of SOIMAR is based;
  • concentrating energy and skills directly/indirectly on their actual core business production activities.

The range of SOIMAR’s field of intervention moves among:

  • Engineering of services – design and technical management of the service.
  • Technical document management – technical activities relating to licenses, authorisations, permissions, relations with official organs, put in regulation.
  • Running and maintenance of technological installations (electrical, thermal, plumbing) including “preventive/programmed” and “breakdown/on call” operational activities: a guarantee of availability 24/7.
  • Maintenance of civil works.
  • Office user service – small maintenance of work stations.
  • Organisation and reorganisation of internal spaces.
  • Cleaning.
  • Gardening.
  • Company canteens.
  • Custodians.
  • Surveillance and safety.
  • Services relating to copiers/fax machines.
  • Services relative to postal delivery.
  • Billing and porterage.
  • Management of company car fleet.
  • Purchasing.
  • Assumption of third party responsibility.