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Mechanical works: piping and equipment

The main sectors of operation are concerned with the following plants:

Chemical – Petrochemical – Metallurgy
Textile – Thermoelectric – Incineration
Irrigation and aqueducts – Pharmaceutical
Ecological and environmental – Off-shore

SOIMAR makes piping systems in stainless steel in various alloys, AISI 316L, AISI 304L, and in other special cases AISI 317L, SAF and HASTELLOY.
In addition, it makes piping in plastic materials such as PPH, PPSEL, PEHD, PELD, for process systems and ventilation. The preconstruction activities are manages both in the workshop and the workplace where there are preliminary works for industrial fittings.

SOIMAR is capable of satisfying every design need, construction, modification and maintenance of equipment and systems.
Each problem is studied and analysed by our engineering department, which handles the drafting of the project, ensuring the management of the order.
SOIMAR designs and carries out its equipment according to the technical specifications in the contract and with the regulations and recognised codes on an international level. The production units come with the tools and machinery for the job, for the heavy structural work and with sufficient means for moving and lifting, guaranteeing the quality of the plants according to the regulations in:

  • API
  • ASME
  • PED
  • TEMA
  • UNI EN


  • Skids and complete filtration, separation and purification plants
  • Skids and auxiliary treatment and conditioning units for processing liquids such as oil, liquid combustibles, gas, water.