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Devolpment of pilot processes, optimzation and debottlenecking

The study of an indiustrial process passes through stages of research and acquisition of information on the one hand and on the other hand through the elaboration of the information. In this picture SOIMAR is capable of designing and constructing pilto plants, starting with the laboratory analysis, elaborating the obatained data to transfer the to the scales plant. .
Besides building personalized systems required by the clien, SOIMAR is prepared to develope special processes with the aim to optimize the process and the quality of the goods produced by our clients.
The clients can count on a highly professional staff with experience, who can guide the client, not only to choose the best product, for the specific application, but above all to choose the most appropriate and effective solution by defining correctly the process through studies and analysis.
The aim is to increase the productive capacity of an existing plant by modifying the configuration of the equipment or the workflow in order to eliminate bottlenecks, which are limiting the production. This could be an extremly beneficial operation to the user, because in most of the cases the debottlenecking adds an extra capacity with only a fraction of the cost of a new construction or expansion.