The regenerative systems take advantage of a mass of inert material (porcelain, cordite) to accumulate and yield energy cyclically in the form of heat. The efficiency of thermal recovery can reach 96%, dramatically reducing the cost of management of the installation.

Soimar Environmental inserts its own purification process into the productive process of the customer.
The plants are only partially standardised, with the aim of containing design costs, but most of all they are adapted and integrated into the productive process to which they are applied. Considering exhaust as a resource, the installations are conceived and manufactured according to the containment of its management costs and the possibility of energetics recovery destined for production.
In VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) combustion systems, the oxidation reaction that takes place in the combustion chamber is exothermic, thus producing heat energy that can be exploited.
To such end, we select the best materials of European origin; the best available technology (BAT) is applied and the most innovative, plant level technology is used.
The most attention Soimar Environmental pays to the bond abatement system – production, carries modifications, where possible, of the production conditions, with the objective of making the application of the emission treatment system advantageous.

The typologies implemented are:

  • 2-chamber RTO
  • 2-chamber RTO + compensation chamber
  • 3-chamber RTO
  • 5-chamber RTO