Soimar Environmental makes adsorption installations, i.e., plants in which the substance to be removed is selectively fixed by the gassy stream on suitable adsorbent material:

  • zeolite
  • activated carbon
  • impregnated activated carbon
  • silica gel (dehumidification).

In the first case, large flows of polluted air with low concentrations of VOCs are adsorbed on a zeolite wheel with continuous regeneration by reduced flow of hot air which is then sent, in high concentrations, into a classic thermal oxidation system (regenerative recuperative or catalytic).

The activated carbon systems with regeneration directed by steam or inert gas are used for solvent recovery, while the disposable activated carbon systems to lose are mainly used in deodorization.

The types of installations realised are:

  • Rotary concentrator of zeolite with continuous regeneration.
  • Adsorption on disposable activated carbon
  • Solvent recovery systems
  • Dehumidification systems on silica gel.