Energy Optimization


Energy Optimization Soimar Energy installs the required heat recovery to achieve the Energetic Efficieny Titles (TEE) accepted by the GSE standards. These interventions appart of energy savings,allow the client of Soimar Energy to obtain also a tangible econimic benefit, which derives from the value of the TEE, which are re-selled on the reference market. The



Cogeneration The cogeneration and tri-generation systems now represent energetics systems with the highest yield. The energy developed by: Traditional fuels Vegetable oils Biomass Residues and work waste products It is translated into electrical energy through the use of internal combustion systems and alternators. The recovery of thermal waste for the production of heating fluids (and



Biomasses The SOIMAR Group gasificators are of the fixed bed type and guarantee an optimum combination of thermo-chemical performance, syngas cleaning and simplicity of construction and maintenance. There are four thermo-chemical processes that the combustion of biomass triggers: Desiccation (preheating of the biomass and elimination of the moisture it contains); Pyrolysis (decomposition of the desiccated



Photovoltaic Solar Energy Soimar Energy handles the management of all activities related to the installation of a photovolt Calculations of and energetics yield authorization requests GSE practice Applications for financing Evaluation of integration Asbestos disposal practices Soimar Energy, on the basis of energetics considerations, of the installation places and of guidance systems, offers systems and installations



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