Operational sectors and industries


Operational sectors and industries The company has a tecnical and operative organization which is able to design, plan and realize projects of high complexity in different areas: Industrial Chemical Pharmaceutical Construction Environmental Energy Remediation and for different activities: carbon steel and metallic structures electrical and special installations electro-instrumental installations power electric and automation control boards

Validations and qualifications


Validations and qualifications SOIMAR’s skills include the preparation and execution of qualification and validation protocols up to the release of products in full accordance with the current legislation. The validation sector develops both in the field of plants and service systems like air conditioning installations, processed water, pharmaceutical finishes and in the field of production

Construction management


Construction management SOIMAR Construction Management Team guarantees the general planning, coordination and control of the project from the start to its conclusion, and all those activities aimed at satisfying a client’s needs and targeted to generate a functional and economically doable project, that can be completed in a suitable time, with authorised costs and according

Basic and detailed engineering


Basic and detailed engineering SOIMAR Group boasts many years of experience in supplying Basic Engineering Packaging (BEP) and Detailed Engineering Packaging (DEP) A Basic Engineering Package has to contain the minimum information: Project Design Basis and Process Description Process and Utility Flow Diagrams Equipment List and Equipment Process Data Sheets Catalyst, Chemicals and Effluent Plant

Feasibility studies


Feasibility studies System technology and feasibility The evaluation is based on a design diagram of system requirements in terms of Input, Processes, Output, Fields, Programmes and Procedures. The evaluation can be quantified in terms of volume of information, trends, frequency of update, etc., in order to estimate whether the new system will operate in an

Thermodinamic and fluidic process engeneering


Thermodinamic and fluidic process engeneering With many years’ experience behind it, SOIMAR’s technical staff meets its clients in the supply of technical assistance and consultation of specific chemical processes. Following are the most significant: oxidation, reduction, chlorination, hydrogenation, esterification, hydrolysis, nitro-derivatives, acids, chlorides and nitriles, fluoride derivatives, phenol-derivatives, aromatic aldehydes, crystallization, extraction by solvent, distillation,



Engineering In the field of turnkey projects or individual activities requested by clients, SOIMAR can manage all the stages of development engineering and help the client in every step, whether we are talking about new plants or revamping old ones. Starting with a data laboratory analysis, SOIMAR develops feasibility studies to estimate investments and returns.