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Thermal and Cathalitic oxydizer

Thermal combustion can be pure (without heat recovery on the inlet smoke) or of the recuperative type (in which the installation of an air exchanger/air that preheats the smoke to be treated entering the plant by means of the hot smoke from the outlet of the installation itself). In the recuperative case, the thermal recovery efficiency can reach about 65%.
Soimar Environmental inserts its purification process into the productive process of the customer. The plants are adapted and integrated into the productive process to which they are applied, rendering maximum importance to the possibility of recovering energy in cascade, favouring the overall global energetics balance of the site (diathermal oil, superheated water, steam, hot water).

In catalytic thermal combustion, the reaction of thermal oxidation of organic substances occurs through the aid of a highly efficient catalyst based on noble metals (platinum, palladium).
Typically, the catalytic system involves the use of a recuperative-type heat exchanger and the temperature of oxidation on the bed oscillates on an average of around 300°C.
The catalyst can be in pellets or structured.
The applications concern both the abatement of VOC and of CO in recovery installations.